Monday, June 25, 2018
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Cape Leadership Centre: Facilitation, Coaching & Team Development

The Cape Leadership Centre is a small dynamic group of people who are passionate about coaching, leadership development, team building, and facilitation. Based in Cape Town, we work with organisations across Southern Africa and as far as the UK.

We know from experience that investing in your people unleashes the potential of your human capital and improves business performance. This is why we’ve made it our mission to inspire and bring out the best in your people and help you build bridges between individuals, teams, and departments.

Our professional “toolkit” is a combination of our personal experience and our qualifications in integral coaching (ICF), Insights Discovery™, Six Sigma, Participlan™, Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools, Six Thinking Hats™, etc. Ultimately though, it’s not these pieces of paper but our approach that creates results.

Having worked with various learning styles, we know from experience that most people learn by doing - not by being talked at. In response, our approach to training is highly experiential.

If this is your first visit to our website, we hope you enjoy your visit. If you are a facilitator, coach or trainer yourself, please feel free to visit the community section for facilitation tips, ice breakers and articles.

We look forward to working with you and making a difference in your team.